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Workers' Compensation Claims
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Dallas Workers' Compensation Bad Faith Claims Lawyers

Dallas Bad Faith Claims Attorneys

In Texas, workers' compensation claimants and other insureds are protected against certain misleading and bad faith practices by insurers. This includes bad faith practices during both the handling and unfair settlement of workers' compensation claims.

The Dallas workers' compensation bad faith claim attorneys at Kilgore + Kilgore have experience recognizing which cases present the opportunity to argue that an insurer has crossed the line. Founded in 1948, our law firm has built a reputation based on experience, versatility, and dedication. We also believe in affordability — we offer flexible fee arrangements to our clients.

When your insurance company is reluctant to pay money or provide medical benefits to resolve your valid workers' compensation claim, you need an experienced attorney on your side. If you feel your insurance company has acted unreasonably, click this link to tell us about it.

Are You the Victims of Insurance Bad Faith?

Courts will consider many factors when determining if a workers' compensation insurer acted in bad faith, including:

  • Whether the insurer has made misrepresentations
  • Whether the insurer has been reasonable in the analysis of a claim
  • Whether the insurer has considered settlement of a claim
  • The insurer's delay and professionalism in the handling of various aspects of a claim, including investigating it
  • Whether experts retained by the insurer have been honest and actually have the expertise they claim to have
  • Whether the reasons given by the insurer to deny or delay a claim are consistent or honest
  • Whether the insurer has ulterior motives in handling claims

Injured workers whose workers' compensation claims have been mishandled — and other insureds whose insurance claims were denied or low-balled — are protected against the worst kind of abuse under Texas law. They are also protected by the capable and compassionate Dallas bad faith claims attorneys at Kilgore + Kilgore. We will explain your rights and advise you on the steps you should take.

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Contact Kilgore + Kilgore today to discuss your possible bad faith claim against your workers' compensation or other insurer. We are here to help you through the entire process.

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