Nine Days

By a Client of Robert E. Goodman, Jr., Esquire, Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC
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I told my company about an offer I had for a better position back home in New York City. I gave them ample notice, but as my last day approached, I received threats. I became worried as I received letters from their attorney, with accusations, saying they would stop my employment and ability to earn an income.

I consulted a lawyer who referred me to Bob Goodman. I called Bob on a Friday and we met the next day, on Saturday, at his office. During our meeting he started drafting documents. There was back and forth during that next week.

On Friday I sued my former employer for the right to work. We immediately went into arbitration. I watched in awe as Bob worked on my behalf. On the ninth day of knowing Bob, we signed a settlement agreement and I became free from the harassment and fear which that company thought they had the right to inflict on me. Two years after signing that agreement, I am finally able to tell Bob Goodman and his team than I am forever grateful for their efficiency, thoroughness, support and knowledge of the law.

K.K., Employment Retaliation Matter, 2012