Dallas Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer – ERISA

Bob Goodman, Attorney

Bob Goodman, Attorney

Has your disability insurance claim been denied? Texas employment laws, insurance laws and the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) give rights to employees who are entitled to such benefits. As Texas long term disability insurance attorneys, we can help ensure that your employee rights to disability benefits are protected. As disability claims attorneys, we represent clients with compassion, with an attitude of willful stubbornness toward the insurer.

Short-Term Disability Claims and Long-Term Disability Claims

Our disability insurance attorneys understand the distinct legal standards applicable to disability claims and develop strategies and tactics for pursuing cases.

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Andrea Clark, Paralegal

Andrea Clark, Paralegal

Disability Claims Under Employer Group Plans

These claims can be difficult to win, especially when disability claims governed by ERISA laws were denied. An experienced disability insurance lawyer is often necessary to obtain payment. Many disability insurers are shameless, and this is why retaining counsel is important. Kilgore & Kilgore has handled many ERISA claims and can help overcome the hurdles the insurance companies throw in the way. Our approach often leads to a reversal of a denial and payment. In isolated instances, a lump sum settlement of all or part of the present value of future benefits through the end of the term of benefits has been achieved.

Disability Claims Under Group Plans or Professional Organizations

These claims may or not be governed by ERISA laws, depending on the organization’s relationship to its members and the nature of the policy. If governed by ERISA laws, they must be pursued in the same fashion as employer group disability claims. If the decision to deny a claim was wrong, you may be able to recover lost benefits and interest, compensatory damages, attorney fees and in extreme cases, punitive damages. Pursuing these claims is not as difficult as under ERISA, but the mindset of the insurers tends to be slanted toward denial. That same bullheadedness in an attorney is required to pursue these claims.

Disability Claims Under Individual Insurance Policies

These policies have long been available to physicians, dentists and lawyers. Sometimes, individuals who are not professionals also purchase them. Claims under such policies are generally not governed by ERISA laws. These claims have a higher degree of favorable resolution. However, you will face the same unreasonableness common in the employer plan context.

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“Once again, Bill Masterson and Bess Masterson, you helped us tremendously. And it isn’t just about the legal knowledge and expertise. You both have such amazing hearts and helped with the emotional upheaval of times like this, as well. We can’t thank you enough for believing in us both!”
– PS, Employment Discrimination – Disability, 2017

“Ted Anderson and Bess Masterson, thank you again for all your support and understanding throughout this process. It was such a pleasure working with your group. If any of you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask.”
– DJ, Wrongful Termination and Employment Retaliation Involving a Worker’s Compensation Claim, 2015

“I became disabled…and my employer’s insurer terminated my disability benefits… The contested benefit amount made it difficult to find a law firm to represent me. Then I was referred to Robert Goodman Jr… He…spent months communicating with the insurer on my behalf, finally recovering the benefits due me…Robert was prompt, diligent, accessible and professional…I would highly recommend him and his firm.”
– GY, Worker Disability Claim, 2011

“Bob Goodman took my case when a long-term disability insurance company denied the continuance of my benefits. From our first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. He was thorough in the presentation of my case and . . . got the best settlement. Bob . . . is a man of integrity and . . . represents his client’s best interest.”
– Karen, Disability Benefits Case, 2006

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