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Daryl Sinkule, Attorney
Daryl Sinkule, Attorney

Our employment lawyers in Dallas negotiate compensation plans, deferred compensation agreements, severance packages, commissioned sales contracts, stock options, and non-compete agreements, for top executives and others. The attorneys at our firm use an experienced and, when necessary, aggressive touch. Our employment lawyers understand securities industry requirements, including Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) guidelines. The attorneys at Kilgore & Kilgore have experience in navigating stock options, executive compensation agreements, and severance packages.

Executive Compensation, Executive Bonus, Commissioned Sales Agreements, and Golden Parachutes

The employment lawyers at Kilgore & Kilgore have an excellent track record of representing chief executives, chief financial officers, chief information officers, presidents, vice presidents, and executive directors in obtaining fair pay for their services. The attorneys at our firm are licensed to practice in Texas. We are committed to a client’s success. We can provide tenacious support when disputes arise over base salary, stock options, bonus, and other benefits. Kilgore & Kilgore has a reputation for success against some of the largest corporations in the country.

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We Help Protect the Lucrative Careers of our Executive Compensation Clients

If you are a commissioned sales person or an executive in a leadership position in finance, technology, health care, oil and gas, manufacturing, or another industry, Kilgore & Kilgore attorneys offer proven, knowledgeable representation regarding employment rights, executive compensation plans, severance packages, and other areas.

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Click on this link to read some of the many client testimonials that people have sent to thank our employment lawyers for helping them get the remuneration they deserve for their hard work. Kilgore & Kilgore may be able to do the same for you.

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Kilgore & Kilgore receives most of its business referrals from other lawyers. When a conflict arises or there is a need for local or trial counsel, we stand ready to support the team in whatever configuration makes the most sense for achieving the best outcome. We always return the client to the referring source.

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“Several professional colleagues recommended Bob Goodman to me. I picked him because he had similar values to mine. His educational background was also like mine. He knew about my company and had experience with that firm. We got to know each other, I felt that he personally cared about my situation and I trusted his judgment. My former company made serious omissions with my severance package. They were taking so much time getting back to us that Bob took the lead and wrote a draft for them to use to correct their mistake. He researched situations similar to mine. He spoke directly with them on my behalf and negotiated a vastly improved severance package. Bob was highly motivated to get a fair result for me. He was enthusiastic about my outcome. The severance package that Bob helped to achieve was likely the best possible outcome for me.”
– AB, 2021, Senior Business Operations Executive

“Initially, I was nervous about the prospect of going up against the corporate power of my company, but with Ted Anderson as my counsel I never felt disadvantaged. Ted guided me, from behind the scene, throughout the entire process of the executive compensation negotiation. His demeanor and knowledge helped me bring this to a successful resolution. As an executive vice president, I’ve handled separation agreements with my employees on behalf of my company. Dealing with my own separation agreement against my company was a new experience. I took comfort knowing I had extra strength with Ted Anderson on my side in the background.”
– MT, Former Executive Vice President, 2018, Executive Compensation and Separation Agreement

“I was referred to Ted Anderson by an attorney friend. He met Ted Anderson who was opposing counsel on a trial. Ted treated me like family. He was diligent in his work on my behalf and made himself available after hours. He guided me through an executive compensation negotiation, including a fair separation agreement that he defined and negotiated. I was with that company for 17 years. He supported me in closing that phase of my career. I would definitely use Ted Anderson and Kilgore & Kilgore again.”
– HH, 2018, Executive Compensation, Separation Agreement and Negotiation

“Ted Anderson is great to work with. He is professional, thorough and efficient. He closed out my case much sooner than expected. Ted Anderson did a great job of obtaining payment of my unpaid commissions and 401K contributions, as well as renegotiating my non-compete agreement. His advice and timeliness were commendable. I would highly recommend him as a legal partner!”
– DR, Unpaid Commissions, Non-compete Agreement, 2017

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– Don, former CEO, 2010

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