Clients Tell Us

Below are some of the many testimonials people have sent to thank our attorneys for getting them back on track. Kilgore & Kilgore can do the same for you. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future.

Bill Masterson listened to my story and understood my case at a time when I felt helpless. Through the FINRA process, Bill Masterson obtained a settlement and successfully got my U5/U4 from a large financial institution expunged so that I can work in the industry again. The institution would have won if I had fought them by myself, but Bill Masterson remained composed and confident. After working with Bill Masterson, I am happy to say I can now get my career back. Many thanks to Bill Masterson and his team.

HD, FINRA Mediation and Arbitration, 2016

Bob Goodman helped me with my discrimination case against my employer. Bob Goodman is polite, kind, intelligent, and informative. He kept me informed of the points of my legal argument and got to work immediately and worked for the maximum benefit. He told me what he would do and he successfully did it. I would recommend him.

RM, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Employment Discrimination, 2016

Bill Masterson was referred to me by my mom’s friend. He was always very open and honest throughout the legal process. Bill Masterson is a tough cookie. He fought for me and always had my best interest at heart.

MA, Pregnancy Discrimination, 2015

It was a complete pleasure working with Ted Anderson and Bess Masterson. They were professional and thorough. They supported me 100 percent along the way, during the entire process. I found Kilgore & Kilgore through another client who referred me. I highly recommend Kilgore & Kilgore.

DJ, Employment Disability Case, 2015

I was referred to Bill Masterson by another Kilgore & Kilgore client. Bill worked with my associate before, on a similar issue. Bill Masterson was wonderful. He was down to earth. He knew his stuff. He was very professional. I have already recommended him to another friend.

SF, Independent Business Contractor, Defamation and Conspiracy, 2015

Bill Masterson is an outstanding person, extremely personable. He cares. He is genuine. His paralegal, Nancy Valencia, is also very good. They made me feel at home. It was real scary to sue a company. He was so certain we would win the case that he made me feel confident. The road was difficult but we won. The case went by fast. It was quite an experience. I have already recommended Bill Masterson to someone else.

HLD, 2016, Employment Retaliation, Wrongful Termination Case

Many thanks to Bob Goodman for his invaluable insight, knowledge, and professionalism in helping me settle my severance agreement as outgoing company president. Bob took great care, not only in fully understanding the legal perspective of my situation, but just as important, the company’s nuances, people involved, and my needs, as well. I couldn’t have asked for better representation or a better result!

LI, Former President, Apparel Company, Executive Compensation Matter, 2015

This entire situation has been very difficult on me and my family. I have always considered myself to be a strong and caring person. I don’t mind telling you that I felt weak and hopeless at times. We prayed together that the truth comes out and justice is served. Nick O’Kelly provided hope when we felt it was a lost battle. I admire his passion and drive. I want you to know how very appreciative I am of him as a person and the effort he put into our situation. He was a blessing, an answered prayer. I now feel confident in our future. We could not have been in better hands. Nick, you will forever be in our hearts and on our minds. Thank you so very much.

DS, Executive Compensation Matter, 2015

I was referred to Bob Goodman to assist with an employment compensation issue I had with my former employer. Bob immediately began to engage directly with counsel of my former employer. He negotiated a settlement that was a significant improvement to what I had been offered. He did this by researching relevant cases and presenting that to opposing counsel. Without Bob’s professional approach and determined efforts, I would have been out over $100,000. I would encourage anyone with an employment issue to engage Bob and Kilgore & Kilgore.

JW, Executive Compensation Matter, 2015

Ted Anderson and Bess Masterson, thank you again for all your support and understanding throughout this process. It was such a pleasure working with your group. If any of you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask.

DJ, Wrongful Termination and Employment Retaliation Involving a Worker’s Compensation Claim, 2015

I got the checks today. They are as expected. Glad we went to mediation, settled and put this behind us. Nick O’Kelly, I was very pleased with the thought and time you put into the complaint filed. You exhibited a great deal of knowledge and experience, yet were open to hearing my thoughts and ideas. You are a pleasure to work with. Best wishes to you.

KV, FMLA Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination Matter, 2015

Nick O’Kelly, once again I want to thank you for all your hard work on my case. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. Thank you again, you are awesome!

DB, Employment Discrimination Involving a Potential Worker’s Compensation Potential Claim, 2015

I was in dire straits with my employer. I was on FMLA leave when my employer threatened to fire me based on the lies of a student I caught cheating in my class. I want you to know how much it means that Bess Masterson and Nick O’Kelly are the way they are. They saved me. Nick had my employer tied in knots. I feel vindicated. I’m not easy to work with. Nick was patient, kind, and smart. I truly feel blessed that in my darkest hour, I contacted Kilgore & Kilgore.

ML, Employment Retaliation Matter, 2015

The level of care and attention given my case by Bob Goodman and the Kilgore & Kilgore staff was remarkable. Bob is passionate about his work. He was a valuable resource from beginning to end. He handled my case as if he was the victim. I was working for a foreign company known for taking legal risks and avoiding public exposure. In less than eight weeks my case was resolved in mediation. I was well compensated for the adverse actions taken against me. I was referred to Bob by a friend whose spouse took legal action against his former employer. These employment cases are exhausting, time-consuming and difficult, but ultimately worth the effort.

DSC, Human Resources Professional, Employment Matter, 2014

Conflict is never easy. I found myself cross-wise with a huge investment bank with thousands of employees and teams of lawyers. A former colleague suggested I get the Kilgore & Kilgore team on my side. Robert Thornton and Ted Anderson built and captained their team while walking me through a multi-year process with my head held high. They guided me with expert legal and practical business advice. They didn’t stretch, fabricate or over-reach. Their hard work and skilled navigation of the FINRA arbitration process allowed us to prevail and gave me confidence and peace during this grueling marathon.

TMW, Private Wealth Manager, Wrongful Termination and Forfeiture of Deferred Compensation, 2014

After a change of management in my work of 14 years, I was terminated, and informed I would not be paid a large sum of commissions due. My work was my identity, and now in my 60’s with a disability, I was financially distressed and emotionally devastated. I needed an attorney. I spoke with many. Then I met Bob Goodman and his wonderful staff! He was realistic, direct, and honest. Most of all, he cared about my case, which lifted my concern. Within a few weeks, all was settled in mediation. I will always be grateful for the guidance and support during a very difficult time in my life!

SM, Executive Compensation Claim, 2014

Bess Masterson and Ted Anderson took such good care of me, by holding them accountable for what they did to me. I got the medical care I needed. Without pain and sickness, I am going to see my daughter grow up, thanks to y’ all. I wish y’all well in everything you do.

CC, Disability Claim, 2014

Working with Nick O’Kelly has been an extreme pleasure. He’s gone above and beyond for me as a client and never received any compensation. He took my case when I had no money to pay him for his services and I was at a very low point in my life. Nick treated me with respect and candor. He’s been a consummate professional, and after three years of chasing the employer who took advantage of me, we’ve received a judgment in our favor. Not only is Nick an outstanding attorney and a good man, but I’m also proud to call him my friend.

QA, Employment Matter, 2014

After I expressed my concerns to the CEO of my company about discrimination that I witnessed against older and foreign-born employees, the politics accelerated. I became isolated by management and removed from project work. The stress eroded my health and soon I looked for an attorney. I am grateful for the understanding and professionalism I encountered in Bob Goodman. He helped clarify the situation and gave me time to decide how to proceed. He filed a claim with the Texas EEOC, negotiated an exit strategy, and secured a positive outcome for me.

NP, Employment Discrimination Matter, 2014

I was fired because of a report filed with FINRA stating I and others in my company were under investigation by a federal agency for our professional activities. I would unequivocally recommend the Dallas law firm of Kilgore & Kilgore because of how they handled my case. Robert Thornton and Ted Anderson were not intimidated by a politically powerful, multi-national corporation in the pursuit of what was right and fair. They never gave up. They cared about my interests. They knew what they were doing and prevailed. I deeply thank the FINRA Arbitration Judges for their dedicated efforts, independence, knowledge, and sense of justice.

MS, Local Government Bond Broker, Wrongful Termination and Employment Defamation, Case Settled in 2011 and 2014, Respectively

I commend Ted Anderson for his even keel, and his superb approach and strategy in my case that had a one-in-four chance for a win. Because of his wisdom, a positive outcome was achieved, despite the odds. Thanks again.

FP, Employment Discrimination Matter, 2013

I want to sincerely thank Bob Goodman. Being terminated and losing insurance benefits was stressful. Raising a child with autism is demanding. The case was settled out of court in a timely manner. I highly recommend Kilgore & Kilgore. Never be afraid to stand up to an employer when you know you are right and within the policy. There are federal laws that protect us against rogue employers.

TW, Wrongful Termination, 2011

I became disabled…and my employer’s insurer terminated my disability benefits… The contested benefit amount made it difficult to find a law firm to represent me. Then I was referred to Robert Goodman, Jr… He…spent months communicating with the insurer on my behalf, finally recovering the benefits due me…Robert was prompt, diligent, accessible and professional…I would highly recommend him and his firm.

GY, Worker Disability Claim, 2011

My two-year-long battle with my former employer has come to a successful conclusion. I owe this outcome to the excellent representation I received from you, Ted Anderson and Robert Behrendt. Truth prevailed. Justice was done. I have my good name back. Many thanks.

Lee, Former Chief Executive of International Industrial Company,
Wrongful Termination/Breach of Contract, 2011

Thanks again for all your hard work over the last few years on my disability claim denial. I trust you and believe you are a good lawyer. I am glad to have had the privilege of working with you, Bob Goodman.

Sarah, Long-Term Disability Matter, 2011

Ted Anderson and [Kilgore & Kilgore] …provided outstanding representation in settling my employment claim. The matter was resolved in a timely manner and was handled efficiently and with a high degree of professionalism. I am very pleased with the end result and would highly recommend Ted and Kilgore & Kilgore.

Mike, Former Chief Executive, Severance Dispute, 2010

As the chief executive and director of a large, regional, financial corporation, it was important to me to have counsel with experience in executive compensation agreements with incentive, stock option, stock purchase and golden parachute provisions. I also needed counsel with experience in securities, corporate law, intellectual property and non-competition law. Bob Goodman and Ted Anderson fit the bill. They made themselves available on a moment’s notice and provided invaluable counsel in forming an exit strategy and then implementing the strategy through the negotiation process. Through their reputation in the industry, they also provided leverage that helped me resolve my separation amicably and quickly so I could move forward with my career.

Don, Former Chief Executive, Exit Strategy and Implementation, 2010

Bob Goodman is by far the best attorney I have ever worked with. He returned my initial call within an hour on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend. He suggested a course of action that led my employer to immediately agree to mediation. He was sensitive to my desire to resolve the dispute under our shared moral values. He found a mediator with the same affinities as me. The dispute was resolved with the exact settlement I set out to get. Bob is not only a great attorney, but he is a fine man.

Mark, Labor Dispute, 2010

Bob Goodman assisted me in a dispute with a former employer. He was available to me any time, and more than happy to answer the myriad of questions I had in navigating through a course I had never been down. Bob was able, through his excellent capabilities and skills, to bring my circumstances to a favorable closure to both parties, without going to court. The entire experience was finished and closed within 30 days.

Brent, Employment Dispute, 2010

I was terminated from the world’s biggest fast food restaurant, which I had faithfully served for 31 years. Ted Anderson and his staff, especially Pat, are to be commended for the victory they won for me, my family and all the people like myself who are abused by greedy employers. Our case settled one week before trial.

Joel, Wrongful Termination, 2010

When I was dismissed by my employer, I knew the situation required good legal counsel. The reasons for my dismissal were probably illegal, but I wasn’t interested in a protracted legal battle. I wanted what was fair for me and my family and to be able to move on to the next chapter of my life. Ted Anderson made me feel comfortable right away. He was clear about my rights and the waters we would navigate. He was realistic about what was fair, what we could probably recover, and the time and expense that could be involved. He outlined the risks and never pushed me. He gave me realistic options regarding strategy and made it clear that the decisions were mine. Ted was always available to talk with me. Finding yourself unemployed can be very emotional; he understood this and would spend time with me, calming my fears and reassuring me. Ted was straight and honest about the process. He was appropriately aggressive with my former employer, but never overly so. He made it clear that we would not be intimidated, that we knew our rights, and that if they wanted a battle, we were prepared for that. At the same time, he always left an opening, that if they were interested in a fair and equitable settlement, we were open to that, as well. Hiring Ted was probably one of the best investments I’ve made.

Jeffrey, Former Bank President, 2009

Robert Goodman is a highly ethical attorney with whom I placed a great deal of trust, and depended upon to right some situations that had grown exponentially out of hand at our workplace. Robert is approachable and caring. He was genuinely concerned with the welfare of everyone involved and worked diligently, keeping us informed all along the way. I would recommend Robert to anyone, at any time, under any circumstance. He is an attorney who balances personal service and accessibility. His personal touch made the experience one I’d recommend to anyone.

Mike, Class Action Overtime Compensation Dispute, 2008

Ted Anderson is that rare combination of an attorney who knows the details of the law very well, but also sees the big picture. He guided us through the litigation process in a strategic way. You can never say that being involved in litigation was fun, but working with him surely was. We really appreciated his technical knowledge and his business advice.

Ron, Partner, Texas Venture Capital Company, 2008

Ted Anderson is someone I trust to create results and be clear and direct about the truth of a situation.

A, Chief Executive of Beauty Products Company, Intellectual Property Dispute, 2008