Wrongful Termination Mediation, An Experience I Will Not Soon Forget!

By a Client of Robert E. Goodman, Jr., Esquire, Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC
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“Elizabeth Kubler Ross might as well have been dealing with mediation in describing the multiple stages of grief and recovery from it. Wrongful termination was something with which I had no past experience. I was demoralized and ashamed. I wanted as much distance as possible between myself and my former employer. However, I knew that I must stand up, not only for myself, but for my family. I understood the premise but was completely ignorant to the process.

No matter how supportive, empathetic or available Bob and his team were, I felt alone. Bob suggested mediation as a potential option, as it would enable me to take part directly and allow me some control over the outcome. I agreed because it seemed the lesser of two evils. I did not understand exactly what would unfold. What I thought to be a logical process, and more of a means to an end, became a liberating, life changing experience.

Although I had lost a job, not a loved one, it was the death of an unblemished and hard-fought-for 14-year career. I had no idea I was trapped by this isolated incident. Mediation allowed me to understand what had been taken from me besides my title, namely my dignity and self-worth.

Emotional intensity ebbed and flowed continually during the mediation. It became evident that this singular event would mirror what was going on in a larger sense. I passed through each of the states of grief in a single day, as offers that seemed offensive were made, stirring in me anger and denial. As the day unfolded, I realized that I had allowed myself, unknowingly, to become a victim in this situation. More dialogue occurred and new offers were made. We eventually came to a moment where the emotion and discussion finally allowed for acceptance.

During those hours spent in discussion, I realized Bob’s team was much more that paid legal advisement. They were my supporters, friends and champions. Mediation not only allowed me to challenge those who had harmed me, it allowed me to gain acceptance on a larger scale. More important than any monitory compensation was the realization that by facing my past, I was regaining my future.

Had I not opted for mediation, I would not have arrived at a state of acceptance and with acceptance came peace. In the words of Arthur Schopenhauer, “”All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.””

Bob Goodman and his team helped me find my personal truth and the peace that accompanies it.”

J.N. Wrongful Termination Matter, 2012