Dallas Intellectual Property Attorneys Serve a Global Marketplace

Intellectual property lawsuits involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, inventions, and other innovations of businesses and inventors have increased in Texas and nationally. The intellectual property attorneys at our firm recognize, and help our clients to protect, the value of their intellectual property including inventions, designs, innovations, strategies, systems, and methods. Some businesses seek to protect themselves through the use of the legal system to initiate patent lawsuits, copyright lawsuits, trademark lawsuits, and trade secret lawsuits. In today’s global marketplace, start-ups and small businesses may find themselves on the wrong end of intellectual property litigation, which others may use as leverage to stifle innovation and competition.

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Our Intellectual Property Attorneys Serve Businesses and Inventors

At Kilgore & Kilgore, we provide assistance to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations in Texas and internationally. As the world grows more integrated, Kilgore & Kilgore has been helping multi-national corporations negotiate the American legal system for results that promote not only business growth and investment, but also drive creative employees to innovation and invention.

The lawyers at Kilgore & Kilgore work on many different types of intellectual property issues including trade secret misappropriation, patent agreements, copyright law and trademark protection. Our attorneys also work on intellectual property cases involving issues such as the theft of trade secrets or trade secret disclosures by an employee, as well as cases involving non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Are you an inventor who values the protection of your intellectual property? Are you the head of a business whose employees are being lured away by other businesses seeking information about your trade secrets? We can ensure that the proper safeguards are in place for your continued business success and innovation.

Representative Samples of Our Firm’s Intellectual Property Cases

Kilgore & Kilgore serves clients throughout the United States, in Europe, and Asia. A few examples include the following:

  • Successfully defended a Chinese business against a trademark infringement lawsuit in Dallas.
  • Represented a Hong Kong investor in its claims to a fashion industry trademark and trade name.
  • Successfully defended an Italian design company’s copyrights protecting a line of jewelry in a copyright infringement matter.
  • Represented a client in a copyright infringement case who sued a company for the unauthorized use of a motorcycle painted with flames in a Super Bowl commercial, a design the client created for his bike.
  • Helped two entrepreneurs who wanted to build a new company without running afoul of the non-compete agreement and non-solicitation agreement they had with a former employer.
  • Ensured that a young software engineer understood the non-compete agreement and non-disclosure agreement put in front of him by potential employers and negotiated with the preferred employer for more favorable terms.

Intellectual Property Law Services

The intellectual property litigation attorneys at Kilgore & Kilgore provide legal services and litigation support to clients concerned with:

  • Business disputes;
  • Copyright law;
  • Non-compete agreements;
  • Disputes and litigation regarding licensing agreements;
  • Patent agreements;
  • Trade secret lawsuits; and
  • Trademark protection.

Intellectual Property Attorneys Frequently Team With Other Lawyers

Kilgore & Kilgore attorneys respect established relationships with corporate counsel and frequently joint venture with other lawyers representing businesses wishing to create legal teams with adequate resources. We receive most of our business referrals from other lawyers. When a conflict arises or there is a need for local or trial counsel, we stand ready to support the team in whatever configuration makes the most sense.

Flexible Fee Techniques for Intellectual Property Litigation

Kilgore & Kilgore is especially aware of the need for cost control during the provision of legal services. For three decades, we have employed a variety of flexible fee techniques to align ourselves with the economic interests of our clients. Some of these strategies include flat rate fees, contingency fees, reverse contingency fees, and modified hourly rates.

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“Ted Anderson is great to work with. He is professional, thorough and efficient. He closed out my case much sooner than expected. Ted Anderson did a great job of obtaining payment of my unpaid commissions and 401K contributions, as well as renegotiating my non-compete. His advice and timeliness were commendable. I would highly recommend him as a legal partner.”
– DR, Unpaid Commissions, Non-compete Agreement, 2017

“Ted Anderson has an ability to connect with the jury on a personal level, and they like him…He did an outstanding job in a very short period of time. He pulled a rabbit out of the hat time and time again. He exceeded my expectation and I cannot thank him enough.”
– John B., Maryland, Non-Compete Agreement
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